A Taste of One of the World’s Most Expensive Beers

Oh yes, you read that correctly, boys and girls.

The brUBC has had a chance to taste not only one the world’s most expensive beers, but also taste a onetime holder of the Guinness Book of World Records for the most alcoholic beer in the world.

What beer, you may ask, that I am referring to?

Not what you would think when you hear the word ‘expensive’.

I introduce to you, Samuel Adams Utopias Beer. (2009 vintage)

Sam Adams Utopia

Aged up to 16 years in a single-use bourbon wood casks in the Sam Adam’s Boston barrel room, this beer is brewed in very limited qualities with only 9000 bottles being brewed in 2009. Coming in at 27% ABV, it’s the world’s strongest naturally fermented beer ever made. (Unlike the 55% Brew Dog: End of History which applies fractional freezing to increase alcoholic content)

So how much, you may ask?
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The brUBC goes international @ the San Francisco Beer Week!

Think California only has savoury red wines and oaky gewürztraminer to offer to satiate the thirst of our brUBC tipplers and lushes?

SF Beer Week!

Think again because California’s got damn good beer…and lots of it.

I’m down here at the San Francisco Beer Festival featuring a week long schedule of the craft brews scene of the Bay Area and California.

…And I have been humbled.

The SF Beer week runs annually from February 11th -20th  and showcases the best that California has to offer with over 50 breweries running tasting, pairings, instructional sessions by brew masters, live music and much more all in local Bay Area bars. Continue reading